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2020 MFA Thesis Shows Branding

Print Design
Digital Design

For the 2020 MFA Thesis Show, the branding team (I, along with Farinaz Valamanesh, Julian Parikh, and Wei Yun Chen) created a holistic and participatory system that is meant to fully represent all graduating Masters students from the programs housed in the School of Visual Arts.

We built a custom 20x20 square grid with three layers of concentric circles layered on top that visually indicates the 40 students graduating from the three distinct programs, Graphic Design, Painting, and Sculpture. The grid became the base for every part of the system (including unique shapes from every student and 3 custom alphabets).

We wrote conditional design instructions to give to each graduating student, along with the grid, to create their own unique identifier that was used across print and digital media.

With such a complex grid, we were able to create dozens of letterforms. We picked the three we liked best and created full alphabets from them. These 3 alphabets were also created to be layered, referencing our three programs housed in one school.

We promoted the show through a dedicated Instagram profile and a print catalog featuring students' work and thesis statements. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our show was moved online. We used Cargo to create a website to feature everyone's work as well.

You can view the website here

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