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Disjointed, Messy, & Loud

Installation Design
Experiential Data Visualization

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a potentially life-long disorder characterized by unwanted, recurring thoughts and behaviors. It affects 2.3% of American adults. Many times, it can go undetected because of the stereotypes surrounding the disorder. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder manifests in many differen ways in different people. It is not just about being clean, neat, organized, etc. These stereotypes can prevent people from recognizing their symptoms and seeking help.

My hope with this installation was that those stereotypes would be combatted, people with OCD would be reminded that they are not alone, and people who believe they may have OCD would be able to better recognize their symptoms. Obsessive thoughts often start with one single thought and quickly, without warning, they take over your entire mental space. I asked the audience that as they walked through my installation, to search for the survey responses from other people with OCD written on the leaves of the ivy, and to use that time as a moment for reflection. Through the wall of ivy, the audience encountered a large piece made of many layers of vinyl, meant to mimic a PureO experience. I asked the audience to pick at the vinyl once they were ready.

OCD is not a perfectly organized space, physically or mentally. Often, it is disjointed, messy, and loud.

You can read more about this installation here

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