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Sometimes, I

teach graphic design.



Typographic Layouts

CM501 - Design Strategy & Software, Spring 2021 (Instructor)

Project 1 of CM501 is an assignment from the Graphic Design Essentials textbook, but with a twist. The student makes two layouts; layout 1 sets lines from a poem or song according to the rules of type and layout 2 breaks those rules to express the meaning of the words. For layout 2, I asked students to switch content with a classmate. Students 1 and 2 below were paired up for this project. Each worked invididually on each other’s content in the layouts on the right. 
Student 1Student 2


Digital Collage

CM501 - Design Strategy & Software, Fall 2020 (Instructor)

This collage exercise is the first introduction to Photoshop for students. Students are asked to pick a theme and find five images on about their theme. Using new tools in Photoshop, they collage the images together. 


Sophomore Class Alphabet

AR386 - Sophomore Typography, Spring 2020 (Teaching Assistant)

For the first project of the Spring 2020 semester, students in both sections of Sophomore Typography II were asked to design a class alphabet based on the architecture of the CFA building, 855 Commonwealth Ave. Students were assigned either a letter (uppercase and lowercase), or two numbers. Objectives for the assignment included the exploration of expressive form making and considering how uppercase, lowercase, and numbers relate to each other.

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